Strona: Offer / Wydziałowe Laboratorium Badań Kół Zębatych


Possibilities and scope of the provision of R&D and purely commercial services to external entities by the Gear Research Laboratory

red. Kamil Kucharski
  • Grinding of conical gears on the KLINGELNBERG G27 grinder
  • Strength and fatigue tests as well as vibration analysis of bevel gears on the KLINGELNBERG TS-30
  • Measurements and quality control of bevel and cylindrical gears on the KLINGELNBERG P40 machine
  • Design of planetary, bevel and cylindrical gears
  • Design of gears for aviation and automotive applications
  • Conducting comprehensive works in the field of drives, including bevel gears, in particular dedicated to aviation and automotive technology
  • Assessment of wear and carrying out repair and renovation works of gears
  • The ability to check the technical parameters of new developments in the field of gears and verify the test results obtained by computer simulation methods, among others using KISSsoft software
  • Work on innovative methods of quality assessment and diagnostics of gears with the use of thermography

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