Wydziałowe Laboratorium Badań Kół Zębatych / Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza

                  The Gear Research Laboratory has been established as a response to the need of the aviation industry, especially of the enterprises located in the Aviation Valley. It is a continuation of scientific activities carried out for many years and at the same time using the scientific potential of the University in an area where research has not been possible so far. Thanks to the implementation of projects and scientific works a team of highly qualified employees was created. The scope of work that can be performed with the use of the laboratory significantly extends the offer that the University can address to other research institutes and industrial plants. The laboratory is not dependent on any aviation manufacturer, which is intended to enable it to reach new economic entities intending to cooperate with the aviation industry and facilitate their entry into this demanding market. Designing and performing innovative aviation propulsion on our own will ensure constant improvement of the qualifications of the scientific staff and maintaining them at the highest level, and above all, the development of own research methods and comprehensive cooperation with entities from the aviation industry.

             The ability to independently test and verify the technical parameters of new, innovative studies in the field of gears and to verify the test results obtained with computer simulation methods will increase the competitiveness of Aviation Valley enterprises cooperating with PRz. Currently possible to implement (in the area of ​​aviation propulsion) new technologies of thermo-chemical processes and the use of new materials require comprehensive bench tests of improved gears, especially in the field of fatigue strength. The results of the work can also be applied in such areas as automotive, machine tools and machine tools industry, as well as military vehicles and special constructions. As a unique place in Central and Eastern Europe, the laboratory will allow the scientific community to get involved in important and international research projects in the field of aviation. The equipment will also create the possibility to undertake extensive research work together with other research centres, both at the Rzeszow University of Technology (the Research and Development Laboratory forAerospace Materials and the Laboratories of the Department of Manufacturing and Production Engineering) and outside the University. The leading aviation enterprises, such as Pratt&Whitney Canada, Pratt&Whitney America, WSK „PZL-Rzeszow” S.A., Hispano Suiza, AVIO, are likely to use the equipment of the laboratory for testing innovative solutions and new materials for aeronautical applications

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