Strona: Inventor software / Wydziałowe Laboratorium Badań Kół Zębatych

Inventor software

red. Przemysław Kasprzyk

Autodesk Inventor Professional is the software used to generate 3D and planar geometry (CAD) and for strength analysis (FEM). The most important functions and capabilities of Inventor in terms of conducted research and projects are:

  1. single part creation mode - solid modeling and surface modeling to obtain complex geometries,
  2. the assembly mode works efficiently even with large assemblies, thanks to a segmented database that allows for quick loading and freeing of memory,
  3. 2D and 3D documentation creation mode including pre-made GD&T solutions,
  4. FEM analysis in terms of mechanical stresses, deformations and vibrations,
  5. modeling with extensive graphic properties, including simulation of the movement of the mechanism and assembly method, as well as a built-in tool enabling the detection of collisions in the mechanism,
  6. parametric modeling ensuring full dimensional control over the designed detail, as well as adaptability enabling efficient dimensional adjustment of parts to existing elements without the need for dimensional analysis,
  7. the possibility of kinematic and dynamic analysis, also allowing for a smooth transition to the strength analysis due to loads evaluation.

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