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KISSsoft software

red. Przemysław Kasprzyk

The KISSsoft program signed and developed by Gleason Corporation is the world's leading program for multifaceted analysis of mechanical drives - both the entire mechanism and detailed issues of individual parts.

Program capabilities:

  1. analysis of geometry, strength, stiffness, thermal issues and friction as well as toothing and meshing parameters for cylindrical, conical and hypoid gears,
  2. building the assembly of the entire mechanism and examining the kinematic and dynamic properties,
  3. analysis of shafts, bearings, connecting elements (couplings, splines, clamping sleeves, screw connections, glued joints, press-fit connections) in terms of geometry, strength, stiffness and vibrations,
  4. taking into account assembly errors, manufacturing tolerances, deformations of the mechanism and the body under load - thanks to this, it is possible to modify the profile and tooth line to reduce contact stresses and dynamic loads,
  5. a wide base of materials in various states of heat and chemical treatment, lubricants, bearings and other standardized machine parts,
  6. tooth contact analysis (TCA) and the ability to optimize the parameters of gears and the entire mechanism for selected target functions,
  7. modern and constantly updated calculation methods based on ISO, DIN and AGMA standards.

The individual modules are integrated with each other, which allows for the immediate assignment of the calculation results of some parts to the other and taking into account their impact on the functioning of the entire mechanism.

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